January 10, 2019

Voyagemia: Meet Peter arango

Was interviewed recently by VoyageMIA. Link here

December 28, 2018

St. Beauty - Running to the sun - the re-werc

I got to mix and master this project, Running To The Sun - The Re-Werc, for my friends over at WERC Crew. I’ve been a fan of St Beauty for a bit (and Radical One who did one of the remixes), so I was definitely excited to work on this. Link here

December 3, 2018

South Florida recording artist Cherele was a guest on Dash Radio’s #TheCRIB with Vince Valholla this past Sunday (December 2nd). Cherele talked about making some of her music videos, her songs being featured on HBO’s Insecure and her new single “Time’s UP”produced by Lemieux.

Listen to the show in its entirety below featuring a mix curated by Vince below. “Time’s UP”is out now on all platforms. Click HERE to stream.

October 19, 2018

OYABUN Talks New Album "LVRBOY”, Unique Sound, & Opening For Travis Scott

OYABUN is a New York-based rapper-singer-songwriter who has opened up for some of the biggest rappers in the game, is gearing up to release his new project “LVRBOY”. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn’s South Side he has opened up for the likes of A Boogie  Rick Ross, Travis Scott, and Jay Critch.

His new Single "Stranger Things" is out now and draws inspiration from 80s sync beats as well as influence from Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreaks. 

OYABUN's new project “LVRBOY” drops next Friday (October 27th) 

-Gabriel Pabon

September 30, 2018

STREAM: via byCherele

Cherele, one of our favorite and most covered artist, has been hard at work this year. Back to back, she’s been releasing hypnotic records such as “Freak The Black” and “Basically” that have been putting her on many people’s list as an artist to watch. We’ve always know that she will be a star and it is refreshing to see that others are realizing it.

Tonight, Cherele will be debuting an unreleased track called “Meet Me Outside”, produced by Cherele herself, alongside LeMieux. “Meet Me Outside” will be featured on the season 3 finale of HBO’s hit show, Insecure. So tune in tonight at 10:30 P.M. (EST).


August 17, 2018

DIRECTEDCherele & Dash Romero
STREAMApple MusicSpotify / SoundCloud

Just when hope seemed lost in the realms of creativity in music, in comes Cherele. Our beloved queen of the bops is back with the official video for “Zika”, that takes the glamor and puts. Cherele alongside Dash Romero, a creative visionary of Awful Records put together a vibrant display of Cherele literally (and metaphorically) jigging her way through a materialistic lifestyle. The video’s co-star, the artist Finding Novyon, is posted and plastered throughout the visual like art, rather than just a model in the video.

Inside, there’s a rather suitable citrus theme that gleams throughout the entire video. Cherele and Dash Romero did an impressive job on keeping the viewer’s eye the display and sound of vibrance, Cherele’s beauty and the puzzle of the underlying message within the video. Trust me, there’s this video will put you in a trance (Cherele you looked amazing by the way, just gonna say that again). However it seems yet again, the South Florida bop queen has blessed us with a captivating visual for the people out here to enjoy.


June 28, 2018

DIRECTEDCherele & Kiya Lacey



It seems that artists are now taking more time and creativity into making their music videos, which is great ! Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, J.Cole, and even Drake are putting more time into their visual artistry alongside their music. Cherele is one of those artists. Just last year she released a Miami bop titled “basically” and she’s back to give her very own visual representation of the song.

The video is a psychedelic fantasy that is filled with glimmer and glamour. A dreamy escapade that resembles a touch of Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes inspired style of videos that sparked a new wave back in the early 2000s. This video showcases the creative mind of Cherele as she possesses many talents beyond just music. The Miami artist also co-directed alongside Kiya Lacey and lead the creative direction for the video.


June 16, 2018

Got commissioned to produce Represent’s music for their Spring/Summer 2019 Milan Fashion Show. You can check it out here =)

August 26, 2017


OYABUN drops the first of a trilogy of NVRLND. It's an introduction in OYABUN's world a self-described "modern Garden of Eden fueled with equal parts pleasure and pain." The seven-track project features production from artists such as one-fourth of the Silence Killers, Lemieux, 6Twelve, Zavodsky, Richwell and OYABUN himself.

The EP includes singles, "Skyfall" and "Castle On The Hill," which is doing numbers on streaming services.  A mix of rap and R&B, OYABUN's sound is fresh and electric. Bump NVRLND below.

- Emmanuel C.M.

If you know OYABUN, then you know that his latest EP, NVRLND, is not just any old average body of work. In this instance (each one is unique), NVRLND serves as the first part of a trilogy of sorts, where OYABUN takes us on an introductory journey to himself and his art. Given his already large body of prior work, introductory may seem like a strange word, but it’s a quote verbatim, and it comes from this artist’s Kanye West-inspired penchant for always seeking out ways to reinvent himself. In his own words, stagnant is boring, and reinvention? The best.

A few months ago, we premiered OYABUN’s “Cobain” track on the anniversary of the Nirvana frontman‘s birthday, and now he’s back, on the release date of his brand new EP, NVRLND. Check the record below, then keep scrolling for our interview with the New York native.

by Emma Banks




August 9, 2017


Cherele is back with a progressive and refreshing sound for new track and visual "YETTI." It is the first single off of her upcoming EP, ".phases//" - produced entirely by Lemieux of TSK. Directed by Parris Pierce in the Palmdale Desert of Los Angeles, California.

Cherele is back with a progressive and refreshing sound for new track and visual "YETTI." It is the first single off of her upcoming EP, ".phases//" - produced entirely by Lemieux of TSK. Directed by Parris Pierce in the Palmdale Desert of Los Angeles, California.


I introduced AAHH to Oyabun a week ago, after dropping his entrancing single ‘Castle on the Hill’ (which did numbers all over various music platforms). Representing Brooklyn, Oyabun is a rapper/singer who has recently joined forces with Empire Distribution, and has been making major moves since then. Are you wondering where you’ve seen this blonde hair wonder, before AAHH?–possibly on BET JAMS with his featured flame-emoji-worthy video, ‘Cobain’ Oyabun is a newer face to the game, but he makes it clear that he has been doing this for a while, and is on his way!

I had an opportunity to sit and talk with Oyabun in a beautiful space, where our words flowed non-stop, and my interest in this artist increased even more. Take a look at my interview with Oyabun as we chat about ‘Castle on the Hill, how his BET JAMS feature came about, and his evolvement as an artist. Enjoy!

by Amber Corrine



February 24, 2017


Kurt Cobain would have been 50 years old yesterday (Feb. 20) if he didn't pass away in 1994. Today, Brooklyn-based rapper Oyabun drops an ode to the Nirvana frontman titled "Cobain," which is the first single off his forthcoming EP LVRBOY.

With production by Oyabun and LeMieux, the melodies of the new record are hypnotizing, pairing well with Oyabun's versatility and vocal range.

“I was down a long time, and I’d never want another person to experience what I experienced,” he said in a new interview.. “I made ‘Cobain’ to empower this generation to pursue their passions and fight their doubts. Get up and get yours.”

At the beginning of the year, Oyabun dropped his first full-length project, Retrograde, a 4 track EP. He spoke about the EP with Revolt. “Retrograde was like a prelude to the rest of the music I want to put out this year.” he explains.

In 2016, Oyabun released a handful of singles to build up his buzz and keep fans entertained. Hits like "Mona Lisa," "New Phone Who Dis," "Goodbye," "Too Messy," they ere all catchy records who garnered thousands of plays.

- Emmanuel C.M.


February 20, 2017


Brooklyn-born rapper Oyabun comes from a town that boasts a long lineage of hip hop icons (think Jay ZThe Notorious B.I.G., and Lil’ Kim, for starters), but he’s not interested in simply continuing the tradition: instead, true originality is what this artist is searching for. From the looks of his new single, “Cobain”, it appears he’s found it. Premiering today on Milk, the track celebrates its namesake, musical icon Kurt Cobain, on what would have been his 50th birthday.

“Cobain” is another in a series of lyrical, lively tracks that have continued to cement Oyabun (who has since left his home turf for South Florida) as one to watch, and it’s also the first to be released off of his upcoming EP, LVRBOY. 

“I was down a long time, and I’d never want another person to experience what I experienced,” he says. “I made ‘Cobain’ to empower this generation to pursue their passions and fight their doubts. Get up and get yours.”

Peep the new single below, and stay tuned for the full LVRBOY EP, coming later this year.

- Emma Banks

February 14, 2017

My side project, ARANGO with E.R.N.E.S.T.O landed a track on the upcoming Perfect Driver comp 'MIAMI DRIVERS'. Such an honor to be included in this comp along side some amazing producers. 

January 21, 2017

NYC you raged with us hard. 1.19.17 OYABUN Ted Park Coco & Breezy Aiyoo Q Crystal Ann Rod Curated by: @ohwellariel Covered by: REVOLT TV Song:

January 20, 2017

Oyabun drops HYPNOTIC NEW EP 'REtrograde'

Born to Jamaican and Vincentian parents and raised in Brooklyn's Canarsie neighborhood, Florida newcomer, OYABAN is redefining the sound of hip-hop with a new sound that fuses R&B, rap, trap and reggae. From soothing R&B vocals to braggadocios lyrical content, OYABUN uses classic art metaphors with dark atmospheric soundwaves to create a hypnotically romantic listening experience that defies logic and challenges the binaries of music genres. 

While his name may be derived from Japanese etymology, OYABUN's multicultural approach to music is a modern "melting pot" of diverse musical influences that are evident in his sound. In a recent interview with Broward Palm Beach, OYABUN stated: 


Dropping his new EP RETREOGRADE produced by LeMieux, OYABUN continues to explore a range of "auto-tuned" laced soundwaves with 4-new tracks that display an array of lyrical content from modern love anthem "Queen You Are" to bangers like "Abu Dhabi." OYABUN's ability to successfully blur the lines of genres plants the up-and-comer at the forefront of music's new upsurge. 

Stream RETROGRADE above and be on the look out for more from OYABUN in the near future! 

-Mike Cook 


January 17, 2017


January 4, 2017

December 30, 2016

e.r.n.e.s.t.o feat. arango - drop that (original mix)

OYABUN’s love for hip-hop began with his deep roots in Brooklyn, New York. Once he made the move to Miami, OYABUN fell back on his Caribbean upbringing with his Jamaican father and his mother from the U.S. Virgin Islands to create his unique lane. OYABUN blends R&B, Trap rap, and reggae together for smooth jams like “All I Need” and “New Phone Who Dis” that can illuminate any weekend playlist.

Throughout 2016, OYABUN has been setting himself apart from handful of emerging “trap & B” style artists with bangers like “$ Long” produced by Mike Will Made-It and his most recent single “SÓ VÔCE.” Although he hasn’t dropped his debut project (yet), his focus on releasing audio freebies have garnered him plenty of attention across the ‘Net, which is a good sign of longevity in the Internet rap game.

- Tony Centeno


October 3, 2016

Oyabun performs his hit single "Goodbye" at iHeartHQ studios.


♥♥ Listen to Oyabun Radio on iHeartRadio: ♥♥


August 15, 2016

Oyabun returns with brand new single 'Do you got love'

Miami based artist OYABUN first came to our attention earlier this year through his incredible track ‘Pick Up Lines’, and ever since we’ve been hooked…

Returning with his new single ‘ Do You Got Love’, OYABUN teams up with LeMieux on production duties and the pair combine the best of trap, electro and r&b to make the incredible new track. Yet to disappoint, ‘Do You Got Love’ stands as another example of how OYABUN continues to defy the norm, and create more genre-bending releases and paving his own lane for himself in the process.

Be sure to keep on eye on this young singer/songwriter, as with more music planned for release throughout the year; OYABUN is clearly setting himself up for a bright and successful future. 

Anil Rana


August 11, 2016

On "do you got love," oyabun wants to know if the feeling is mutual

Oyabun, a singer from Brooklyn, is going through the feels on his latest song. On "Do You Got Love," debuting below, he needs to be sure that him and his girl are on the same page. Oyabun's fully aware that she's sought after by others but here — around a sluggish, fuzzy beat — he's unabashed about proclaiming his love. The emo Auto-Tune vocals add some vulnerability, but at the end of the day he really just needs to know: Do you got love for a nigga?

Over email to The FADER, Oyabun had this to say about the track: "In a world where our emotions are lost and the notion of real love is even more foreign, I want this song to be a testament to being honest and emotive."

- Lakin Starling

The Fader


July 26, 2016

OYABUN - 4eva ft. Enrich

OYABUN and Enrich dropped off a dope, wavy track entitled “4EVA,” and I’m totally about it.

It’s super chill, and has the deep vocal that are auto tuned, which sounds so cool to me. I’ve never heard of OYABUN or Enrich, but when I heard this track, I actually reposted this on my personal Soundcloud because I dug it so much. 

- Dylan Houghton

Daily Chiefers

July 10, 2016

OyaBUN Returns with infectious "Goodbye"

Brooklyn-born OYABUN is a name you will be familiar with after you hit play on his newest single "Goodbye" featuring Enrich. If you're like me, you will be digging through prior releases trying to play catch up. "Goodbye" is produced by Lemieux and features an infectious Spanish guitar riff, as well as steel drum accent that provides the perfect island vibe. If Lemieux's production doesn't win you over first, OYABUN's smooth vocals will. 

Looks like OYABUN is in no rush to say goodbye, and you won't be either after you listen to "Goodbye". 

Connect with OYABUNSoundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

-McKenzii Webster



June 25, 2016

Get Familiar with Oyabun

When Fetty Wap’s runaway 2015 hit “Trap Queen” first started to bubble, I didn’t quite get it. Fetty’s wild, warbling melodies hooked me, but I didn’t think much about the song’s attraction beyond the odd magnetism of his voice.

In the middle of 2015, a friend who worked with the song’s producer told me, “I knew it was going to be a big hit because it was a trap love song. No one had really done that yet.”

If “Trap Queen” is sunny summer love, South Florida rapper/singer Oyabun’s “Mona Lisa” is romance in the shade, a Bonnie and Clyde tale told through classic art metaphor. Darkness underlies “Mona Lisa” and “All I Need,” another stand out from Oyabun’s small catalog that draws on the classic hustler’s paradox with a casually sharp eye towards the wider catch-22 of American capitalism (“Money is the root of all evil/But I need it to free all my people”). Oyabun’s gift for melody—mournful monotone drone punctuated by sharp pockets of rhyme—makes for hypnotic listening, suffocating romance and hustling alike with palpable dread.

-John Tanner

Via -


June 1st, 2016

MTV UK: Oyabun Returns with new single "Mona Lisa"

After receiving an abundance of acclaim for his previous release 'Pick Up Lines', Miami based artist OYABUN returns with his brand new offering 'Mona Lisa'. Face with the task of topping 'Pick Up Lines', OYABUN sure proved he wasn't a one trick pony and delivered some serious heat. Releasing a follow-up just as strong as its predecessor, 'Mona Lisa' follows in the vein of his previous releases through its genre bending qualities, infections lyricism and an undeniably catchy hook. With all eyes currently on OYABUN, it will only be a matter of time before he is catapulted to the forefront of the new generation of R&B music. 

- Anil Rana


May 26, 2016

Oyabun Makes an ode to perfection on "Mona LISA"

Oyabun spoils his fantasy girl on "Mona Lisa" because she's just that perfect. He sings and raps on the track while matching the energy of the smooth beat — he's totally laid-back as he sings his girl's name over and over. Oyabun will do a lot for Mona like take her shopping, show her off, and make sure she has it all, but he also encourages her to grind for her own.

Over email, Oyabun told The FADER, "Mona Lisa was created on experimental flows and eclectic instrumentation. My goal was to really paint a picture of my modern day Mona Lisa."


-Lankin Starling

The Fader

March 3rd, 2016


Taken @  C&I Studios

Taken @ C&I Studios

This month, music journalist @Crisdacat included The Silence Killers in her list of the top ten underground producers. 

"The Silence Killers have been killing the game in Miami for the past five years. The collective includes Parris Pierce, LeMieux, and Z, and they all bring something different to the table. In fact, it’s what they live by. “Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to be different,” says Parris Pierce, in terms of their production style. TSK strives to create a different feel for their long list of credits, contributing to projects by songstress Kilo Kish, rapper Father of Awful Records, South Florida rapper Cherele, and rising West Coast rapper/R&B artist Anderson Paak, to name a few."

Thank you for including us @Crisdacat!!

March 1st, 2016

This past week Kilo Kish released her latest album, "Reflections in Real Time." Parris Pierce and I helped produce tracks 5 (Distractions II: The Dilemma of Cool) and 15 (Humans + Ants in Proportion (Unfinished). Available on her very own Kisha Soundscape + Audio label, the project is made up of 20 new tracks with just one guest appearance coming from John Anderson. It's the singer's first solo output since her Across EP which came out back in 2014, although she did appear twice on Vince Staple's Summertime '06.

- Lemieux

February 5th, 2016

Coming off the success of his buzzing single, “All I Need,” Miami’s own OYABUN returns to our pages with another dope, drug-induced loosie titled “Vegas,” which features atmospheric production by LeMieuX. Do yourself a favor and press play below. You’ll thank me later.

-Daily Chiefers

Rapper Oyabun Is Out to Prove His Is the New Sound of South Florida

Write here...

Write here...

Check out the New Times Broward-Palm Beach article covering Oyabun's roots and his upcoming plans written by Cristina Jerome

December 29th, 2015

PRODUCER: Lucky Fattori & LeMieux
MIXED: LeMieux

The solar deity has returned with yet another glimpse of his greatness. Miami resident Oyabun has gifted us with a sure hit for the new age, “New Phone Who Dis”. Produced by his right hand composer LeMieux, alongside Lucky Fattori, they deliver a flawless song about a new mentality for 2016. It’s a “I’m a brand new nigga” anthem. With an alias as strong as Sun God, it’s no surprise that Oyabun’s future is as bright as we’ve foreshadowed in the past. The upcoming year will be a big one for the young artist and one that we’re all looking forward to witness. But to get prepared for what’s to come, get familiar with this psalm now, as it surely will not be the last time you hear it through your airwaves. 

By Chef

-via Citrus Rap 

December 19th, 2015

DIRECTED & SHOT BY: Sam Brave @sambraventon

The “Sun God” Oyabun dropped his track “All I Need” a few weeks ago, and now the dope track is receiving a visual treatment! The visual directed by Sam Brave is filled with clean shots of scenery, Oyabun himself and more, the visual also has some interesting editing to go along with it. Press play above and check back for more from the rapper!

By Val

via - Citrus Rap


September 23, 2015

September 1, 2015

Remember Keyshia Cole’s joint “Shoulda Let You Go”? Sure you do. However, it’s probably been a while since you (or anyone) has had that song in rotation. Teaming up with Xavier BLK, Miami producer Lemieux revives Keyshia’s hit, in the form of “Let You Go”. The duo’s upbeat spin on the track totally works, because you can pop this in for a night drive, or play it at a function, where it will surely make someone want to dance. Peep “Let You Go” and vibe out.

By @ChicoHimself

via - Respect Mag


August 6, 2015

Vibin' at Beat CAMP


Last week, DMC creative Lemieux hosted our biggest workshop yet! Getting down and dirty with Ableton Live, everybody left feeling ready to jump straight on the turntables.

Lemieux (aka Peter Arango), part of the production duo The Silence Killers, has been producing in the underground hip-hop scene for the last 5 years. Recently, the production duo landed their first placement with neo-soul artist Jesse Boykins III.

Lemieux discussed a range of topics at the workshop. From basic music production in Ableton Live, to minimalism and artist development. The participants got to ask questions about the music business and other technical aspects of music production. Attendees got to network during the breaks in between sessions and some students even approached the producers after the workshop to connect with them. The workshop also included a section on Maschine and sampling that was directed by local hip-hop producer/engineer SoulTIP (aka Billy Tipton).

Check out this awesome recap of the workshop, made by new Dark Matter particle Najee Forbes!


August 2, 2015

Cherele - Jit2k15

Over the course of her past few releases, Florida native Cherele has spared nothing to show us how versatile she is. She effortlessly slid into mid-2000s N*E*R*D/Kelis mode with the infectious "vi$ions," then did a grungy, rock-influenced swagger on the subsequent track "Wine Drunk," and now she's somewhere else entirely on her latest. Entitled "JIT2K15," this one is (like "Wine Drunk") produced by LeMieuX.

This time around, Cherele embraces her South Florida heritage, getting down on a Miami Bass-inspired instrumental. She keeps the #Bars to a minimum this time, opting instead for club-ready "Dip, I dip, you dip, we dip"-style lyrics, but she makes this work ridiculously well.

Quotable Lyrics

Pull up pull up pull up with the pressure
Save your talk for another, don't need no lecture
Actin' brand damn new like I just met ya
But if you act right I might just let ya


By Patrick Lyons @P_Lyons_

via - HotNewHipHop


July 11, 2015


Oyabun – Mansa Musa

DIRECTOR: Pablo Vasquez
STREAM SINGLE: via Soundcloud

The one and only “Sun God” Oyabun returns with a  visual for his hard-hitting banger, “Mansa Musa,” also available on Soundcloud. Perfect summer time vibes, beautiful girls, water guns, and Mary Jane is what this Pablo Vasquez-directed clip contains. Oyabun has grown to be one to watch in Florida this year. His flow and lyricism are well polished and delivery is on point, living up to his nickname “Sun God.” We’re excited to see what else he sends our way for the remainder of the year.  For now, check out his latest clip above.


via- CitrusRap



June 28, 2015

Cherele returns with "Wine Drunk".


The last we heard from Cherele was "vi$ions," which kind of sounded like if you got Kelis to sing the "I Just Wanna Love U" hook over the beat from N*E*R*D's "Lapdance". However, her Neptunes worship replacedPharrell's silky smooth synth tones with something a whole lot grittier, and her new record, "Wine Drunk," takes things wide-screen, adding multiple layers of instruments, her voice now one of many moving forces.

With that being said, her vocal performance remains the focal point, coming hard on the verses before reeling her voice in for a supremely in-the-pocket flow for the hook. 

Cherele's debut album, Paradise Lost, is out now.

Quotable Lyrics:
I ain't what you want lil' bae
I'm what you need
Better slow down, better breathe
I ain't what you want lil' bae
Slur words, make that shit hurt


by Trevor Smith @trevsmith_

via- HotNewHipHop 


June 27, 2015 

André DeSaint Feat. Mouf "Grime" Video


André DeSaint is one of many exciting new rappers coming out of Florida, proving his ear for experimental beats and aggressively precise delivery with his Quit Your Job EP back in February. "Grime" (feat. Mouf of PayUp Game is a highlight from that project, and today earns a dark new visual featuring a guest spot from fellow PayUp! Game rapper, Mouf.

Filmed in Atlanta and directed by Mike Ellwood, the minimal but very stylish clip fits the gritty futurism of the song perfectly. If this is your introduction to DeSaint, make sure to check out his recent release, "Population Uno," and look for more from him later this year.

via HotNewHipHop


June 23rd, 2015


"'Great Idea' is a song about being [able] to appreciate the moment with someone you care about and expressing all you do is for the vision you have of your companionship growing to its highest level, but even if it doesn't make it the idea of your romance is still there to look back on," he tells Billboard.

Boykins III teamed up with production duo The Silence Killers (TSK) for "Great Idea." He wrote the song in Los Angeles, and recorded his vocals in his bedroom. "I would like to describe the sound as a summer time night life vibe," he shares. "A lot of different blends of sounds all in one to create this pocket and vibe that is connectable with everybody."

The singer-songwriter is currently working on his follow-up to 2014 Love Apparatus. He slated to drop the project this spring. He's also placing the final touches on a documentary, in association with Love Apparatus, in which he interviews women from different regions of the world about love.

By Erika Ramirez @3rika 

via Billboard


June 7th, 2015



André DeSaint dropped my new favorite track titled “Population Uno.” This is the first single off of his next solo project and is produced by fellow PayUp! Game comrade LeMieuX. With some witty lyrics and the harmonious beat this track is sure to be a new fan favorite. Enjoy above and stay tuned for any news on his solo endeavor. Also, be sure to stream Andrè’s Quit Your Job EP here.


via 2DopeBoyz


May 8th


When we premiered Cherele’s Paradise Lost, the Neptunes-inspired ‘vi$ions’ stood out as our favorite track. Now, the song has a video (directed by Awful collaborator Mike Ellwood) that finds Cherele hitting up parties and sticking up dealers with equal skill. PayUp! Game, indeed.

via Fact Mag


April 17, 2015

Miami rapper Cherele Destroys illusions on Paradise lost

The 25-year-old newcomer shares her impressive debut album.

Born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida but based across the state in Miami, Cherele is very familiar with a part of the world that many consider to be paradise. On her debut album, Paradise Lost, she gives her own spin on that oft-referenced title. “For me it represents the allure of a beautiful environment and the illusions that come with that,” she explains.

After being introduced to the piano at three, Cherele came to hip-hop the way many have: through an older sibling. “I was just that annoying kid sister to my brother, sneaking in his room, going through his CDs and shit and just vibing,” she recalls. “I had always loved writing as a kid, so I just started writing terrible 16s at nine-years-old and spitting them to my brother and friends.”

While she names Hot Boyz, Eminem and Biggie as early influences, Paradise Lost draws inspiration from beyond those rap titans. The first half of the album finds Cherele brash and bold (sample lyric: “I stuff coke up in your nose / ain’t this what you chose?”) over sinister, Southern rap tracks, relying on “good diction mixed with addiction” (as she raps on ‘t i m i n g’).

Paradise Lost takes a turn with ‘vi$ions’, a song that sounds like an offcut from an early N.E.R.D. album, or Neptunes-era Kelis. Cherele is “half-bionic and half-psychotic” as she pursues a potential lover, teasing (and negging) a guy in the club: “Don’t take this as an insult / look like you like getting sinful / and you matching up my tempo / I mean, you’re cool.”

The following tracks dabble in different sounds: there’s the smoked-out jazz-rap of ‘Sweet Jones’, the laidback ‘my channel’ (feature Awful’s Father), the 2pac-meets-K.R.I.T. ‘fish with grits’ and the synth-swirled bonus track ‘magic hour’ with Betty Dawl. “I’m sharing some of my experiences and thoughts,” she explains, “how you interpret them is entirely up to you.”

- Fact Mag